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Earthquake Alert


New Function
Update V1.40

Revision of the representation of the globe
Optimizing of the data consumption

Update V1.39
Earthquake overview on world globus
Earthquake lists
Tsunami Alert
Status of activation (Red Lampe)



Earthquake detected via smartphone         

Most earthquakes programs show in lists and maps, where, and how strong the earthquake was. Many vendors advertise specifically to Earthquake Apps for specific countries, but earthquake knows no boundaries. These programs are limited to the past and the statistics of earthquakes with maps.
Furthermore, inform this app provider their own users only on the Internet. This may through the enormous data transfer in the network makes delays or even a crash. Then you will no longer be notified in time.

Didaxon turns your smartphone in a real-time earthquake sensor, so that you have your own seismograph. The app immediately gives an alarm in case of earthquakes. Please note, that any vibration is considered as earthquake, like a real seismograph.
Earthquake Alarm of Didaxon uses the vibration sensor of your phone. Earthquake Alarm of Didaxon uses the vibration sensor of your phone and adjusted the sensor very sensitive about the auto calibration. This is perfectly for your environment and your phone. Of course is this sensitivity dependent on the quality of your phone. Feedback from our users shows that most phones have this quality and thereby is ideally suited for the detection of earthquakes.

Earthquake Alert provides:

One-touch and activated,
Alarm in real time with subsequent depth sounder
Automatic calibration (sensitivity of the sensor)
Optional SMS notification
Overview of earthquake list from 4.5 M (Optional 2.5M, last hour, all week from 4.5M)
Optional Tsunami Alert
Representation of earthquakes and tsunamis on a dynamic world globe
Several languages

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